Statergy to sustain profits!!

Discussion in 'Trading' started by stocktrader2007, Aug 4, 2007.

  1. Which is the best statergy if you want to secure the profits (Book profits) for long time in a volatile market..
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    Before Friday the talk was of a tug of war between the bullish good news of earnings and the bearish bad news of the subprime mess and its chain reactions. I think Friday's close confirms that the bears have won and we've now turned the corner into a sustained bear market. How long will it last? Certainly longer than the mini bear market precipitated by the Shanghai crash last February, in other words a few weeks at a minimum. However, the bad news and its effects have yet to fully play out. So things could in fact become much more serious. On the other hand, if the Fed somehow decides to give in on the current situation, or things worsen greatly and it feels it has no choice but to act, and lowers interest rates, that could radically alter things bullishly.