state taxes very high in Cal, NJ, NY-why

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    we have extremely HIGH property taxes.. why? well, here's my take.
    counties/states with alot of urban area's contribute to this the most:
    lets say you live in a county in which there are alot of urban area's and minorities, your taxes will be through the roof because you are forced to subsidize these people with entitlements.
    80% of black children are born out of WEDLOCK. this is disturbing and disgusting as well. ypu can dump a billion dollars in a black school system and still get poor results. why? unless there is a mother and father or at least a stable household that is making sure these children are respecting their teachers, listening in class, doing their homework,and not staying out past midnight on a school night,these children will not move forward. of course the other part is the acceptance of young black girls having babies with different men at young ages and not being marries nor having any way to support these children who unfortunately are looked at as puppies.
    now you have much bigger class, need more teachers, need more police(more crime), more fireman, more prisons, more welfare,more free health insurance, more emergency room visits for gun shots ect...
  2. If you ask unwed teenage mothers (without a job or a low paying job, doesn't matter) how much it cost to have a baby in a hospital, they don't know and don't care.

    They'll never get a bill.

    Pretty neat system.


    I was reading the other day, you know how much NYS spends to build a bike path? A million dollars a mile (and they are always looking for volunteers to assist in clearing vegetation etc.
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    I think its DISGUSTING that 80% of black children are born out of wedlock. these kids don't have a chance .
    the black community condones this irresponsible behavior and the only thing black leaders say is "more money for our communities". yeah,so taxpayers can invest millions and you can ruin it with graffiti this sort of behavior has nothing to do with poverty,its a culture. my grand parents and great grand parents were dirt poor and never received welfare yet they had 7 children and made sure everone of them respected their elders, respected the police, respected teachers, and always had food on the table. another example are black athletes..multi million dollar contracts yet they still have babies in every state. friggin disgusting and i thing as a nation we have to stand up and demand that something is done. we are all born equal,no doubt..however, its culture that frames our values.
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    here is an example why property(school taxes) are high in our area

    x2!!! public f***g servant receive X2 of what we,the taxpayers, earn!
    what kind of f***up system is that? and they have unions, to protect them from us, the people!!! unfuckingbelievable...USA! USA! join us,the world, in our journey to the real democracy..Iraq! welcome aboard! operation freedom! i'm not sure what is serve one tyrant or half of the country..
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    This thread is racist. We should hate everyone equally.
  6. I don't believe the thread is racist ... just incomplete. It is a time honored custom to take the most extreme examples -- the 80% out of wedlock number -- when building an argument. Time honored and reasonable.

    Yet what must be done in order to make an argument that can truly illuminate is to talk about an entire society that is now on the tit. Unless we get a grip across the board our institutions at every level will go belly up. Yes NY and CA are insane but so is the federal government, costs at hospitals, tuition at universities bth public and private. If we just look at the amount of energy this country squanders every day the numbers are staggering.

    I am not ignoring the problems as described here. They are serious. But we can not minimize just how far it has now gone. We are dealing with a collective madness. We are lemmings fast approaching the edge.

  7. About 35 years ago, a friend of mine in Thousand Oaks cal. had to sell his house on account of real estate taxes (7,000 a year).
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    California is notorious for their entitlements.. thats where his tax dollars are going.
  9. It was after 1865 that things got messed up in this country.

    In fact, it was after the civil war that the first black ghettos were formed, including the KKK as a response to this development.

    Liberals do not want to hear that a conservative order tends to bring about stability.
  10. Now that's racist ... lol.

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