State Run Media: Coming soon to the U.S.

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    The Obama administration is trying to ban Fox news from going to press conferences now. This sounds like something N. Korea would do, or Saddams Iraq, or communist China.

    I guess Freedom of the press is only for those that agree with everything the president does. Cant have any wave makers in the democratic propaganda machine.
  2. FOX out was because it operated more like talk radio than a news outlet...but that he wasn't losing any sleep over it.

    Good to hear no one is losing sleep.
  3. First step toward fascism is the move to quell dissent. If you don't agree with us, we'll do everything we can to cut you off.

    These people have their little nazis running around all over the internet and media trying to stamp it out.

    Furthermore, the President is proving to be a thin-skinned do-nothing.

    America the beautiful is becoming America the ugly.
  4. All of this State-ism crap is the work of one man.

    Is that what we elected a president to do? Does the Constitution give the president power "to do anything he damn well pleases"?

    How is it that Americans are letting him get away with all of this???
  5. Do you have any memory of what Bush did to block photos of the dead American soldiers, the horrors of war in Iraq, the coffins coming home, embedded journalists in Iraq to give a positive spin, designated "protest zones" in America behind fences away from the press, etc.?


    Now, there would be a difference if a president were trying to stop a government monitored (see remember the organization that fined CBS $500,000 for Janet Jackson's Super Bowl tit) media source from spreading outright and unsubstantiated lies.

    Wouldn't it be a gas if all media had to first be reviewed for all logical fallacy, have all the facts checked BEFORE the information was disseminated?

    Fact is we haven't had a free press in America in a long time, not since the media has been controlled by corporations...

    The larger problem is the dumbass Fox News watchers who confuse the political spin and commentary for actual news...

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  7. It gets worse each year, but this guy is accelerating it ten-fold and sends out an army of troglydites to propagandize the young and gullible, akin to a cult lambasting apostates. The day this country tries to stamp out free-thinkers is the day it ends as we know it.
  8. What Bush did from Clinton was 100 fold...

    Stop blaming the current when the previous was just as bad...if not worse.

    The problem is that you didn't see Fox News, Limbaugh, Hannity, Coulter, etc. criticized for 8 years as they functioned primarily as agents for the republican party and spin machine.

    Did Bush and company every criticize the right wing arm of the spin machine?

    The problem exists today, primarily as a reaction to the right wing extremists who ran the government for 8 years and allowed this kind of thing to go on.

    We need freedom of speech, yet it is illegal to yell fire in a theater, right?

    So it should be legal to propagandize to the point that it is detrimental to the well being of Americans?

    At some point the madness has got to stop and we have to get back to educated thinking voters who are given the facts...not endless repetitive spin and demagoguery...

    This is not an Obama problem, it is a systemic American political problem that began long ago.


  9. I am not a Bush apologist, in fact my immediate family ridiculed me repeatedly for pointing out what Bush was up to in 2002-2003. Now they are silent and listen.

    In people's haste to rid themselves of Bush, they vote for something that "could" be far more dangerous. I was willing to give this guy a chance but attempting to silence the opposition is diametrically opposed to all the US stands for.

    I will agree with you on one point.........we are all being played for fools.
  10. It is on the record, I opposed Obama during the primary campaign, and if the republicans had put up any candidate worth spit, I may have supported them...

    ...but the problem needs to stop being a Bush problem, or an Obama problem, and start being an American problem in which the people take the proper legal political steps for change.

    If the Goddamn idiot extreme right wingers who not infest the republican party would just be more reasonable, not suggest violence or sedition as a solution, but rather would go out and find a moderate republican candidate to get behind, we might actually see some return to sanity.

    As it stands, it is just one big mess in which no real leadership is seen on the right or the left.

    Come on, who is the solution in 2012?

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