State Run Airways

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  1. It is interesting that the COLLECTIVE, send in the FAA to wave warning flags about some "bundling of wires" in MD 80s. However, they base their premise on the TWA 800 flight, which was a 747? Also, from key reports out of Independent sources, the "bundling of wires" is a non-factor when it comes to true air safty.

    Seem's like the BIG BRUVA, has to step in for what reason? To protect the sheeople? Muther is not going to let you fly but she might let you sing?

    The cost of grounding these airlines will crush their bottom line. The earning due out in a few weeks will be interesting but they will not reflect this move by the Goverment of the "COLLECTIVE".

    Every time I read something about the "Financial world", THE COLLECTIVE are involved. From the FED to the FAA to Congress's Robin Hood move to re-distribute wealth from tax dollars.

    What the F(*& is happening to Capitalism, to La-zaaaaa Fair? Free Hand Principles, Milton Freidmen?????

    The sheoople and THE COLLECTIVE want SOCIALISM.......they are doing every thing in their power to bring about SOCIALISM on all levels.
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    Socialism is interesting. The government owns you essentially. Once you are tied in to their services you can't win or quit, they can't afford to give you good treatment and you can't afford it either, you are paying too much taxes...
  3. Seem's like the BIG BRUVA, has to step in for what reason?


    I too wonder for what reason. Do they want everyone to drive? Take the train? Stay home?
  4. Not to sound too draconian, but the best thing that could happen to the airline industry is for 1 or 2 of the big 5 to go belly up
    There is simply too much capacity for any single carrier to make enough money to fly a quality airline

    Lose 2 big players - consolidate routes and aircraft types - and theres plenty of people flying to make money

  5. We may be heading toward an Amtrak situation.

    Where only a few routes make money and the rest need to be subsidized.

    Chicago -New York will always be there, but what airline would decide to fly Milwaukee - Wichita without raising rates and flying by appointment, going once they fill a plane.

    Total free market ,yes...but is there a society need to subsidize and fly small cities routes.
    Similar to paying for a highway that is paid by all taxpayers whether you use the road or not.
  6. Amtraks problem is, and has been that they want to take you on a train to chicago or denver

    rather than concentrate on running clean fast trains from DC to NYC to Boston

    they have enough right of way in the DC-NY-Bos corridor to make a decent living --- but they waste blood sweat and tears trying to get you places in a train when everyobody knows you are gonna take a plane

  7. That is my point. In a free market no airline would want to fly to Peoria or other small cities. If you have a meeting with Caterpiller You may spend days driving there. This will hurt the local economy of many cities.

    This is how United and American got hurt...Southwest and Jet Blue came and cherrypicked the profitable routes and killed the price.

    It was those old higher rates that helped cover the costs of the losing routes.