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    Is the state of union an anual event? (Or once four year in the middle of the presidency? Howdya say once two years and once four years?) How will it affect the next trading day? Is there any historical probability trend?


  2. You'll hear the State of the Union Speech every year around this time. You may be searching for "biennial" and "quadrennial....

    As far as it's effect on tomorrow's really depends on the "street spin".....the Futures sold off about 5 points after the close today (Tuesday), and we'll see where they are trading early in the AM.

    Probability is probably better with the NFC vs. AFC Superbowl winner historically..... :)

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    Thank you very much, Don.

    I just remember. Was it in the State of Union Speech of last year that Bush talked about Indian and Pakistan. This year, he is gonna talk about Iraq and North Korea. So IMO, it seems economy may not turn around drastically from Bush point of view.


  4. As Don said, it is the fourth Tuesday in January, annually.

    He will talk some about economic stimulus, maybe even specifically about the end to double taxation of dividends, which will be a positive for value stocks that pay dividends.

    The main topic is considered to be the relationship of Iraq and the rest of the world. He is likely to assure the audience that we have hard intelligence about weapons of mass destruction and other evidence supporting his view that Saddam Hussein needs to be removed from power, whether diplomatically or by force.

    This is one that I think will be interesting. There is a lot to discuss.
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    War is supposed to be the second half.
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    so far so good. lots of talk about economy and tax reform.

    It may be different this year.
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    Did Bush jump a line? One sentence was read regarding middle east. Then he talked about Africa and AIDS.

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    I wonder if the total number of minutes of applause will be a fibonacci number?
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    no no no, the interval between the applause instead.


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    Considering all the give-away programs he announced, the liberals don't look very happy.
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