"State of the Union" trades

Discussion in 'Trading' started by tommymoose, Jan 22, 2007.

  1. I'd like to hear what some of you guys have been buying prior to the presidents speech tomorrow. Alternative energy and healthcare might see some kind of pop for a quick sell-the-news trade... lets hear some tickers :)

    VSE and PEIX are already taking off. I'm currently watching ESLR and OTD. Leaning away from Ethanol because it seems to be less-favored in the future. Any thoughts?
  2. Hey Tommymoose I picked up VSE yesterday mostly just on an urge, there was a government spokesmen who mentioned that the US should stockpile Ethanol. Then some di*k on CNBC shot it down saying there wasn't enough corn. The idiot didn't even know you could use sugar! I don't know. Look at ESLR how it's broken a year long down channel, I am. DSTI up 11% today too... ~ stoney