State of the Union Address

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  1. Please excuse me while I go to the bathroom to throw up. My god. Compassionate Conservatism? God this, God that ... watch out you "activist judges" or we'll pass an amendment against gay marriages???

    This isn't progress!

    He's talking about athletes taking steroids??? We've got wide open borders while we're pissing off other countries with fingerprinting -- a huge unemployment problem ... and steroids is such a pressing issue that it ends up in the SOTU address? Reality check??
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    Didn't a few people from the crowd applaud when bush said a few provisions of the patriot act are going to expire soon? He then paused, then said that they need to renew them. Found that to be funny.
  3. Yes I caught that, too. I'm sure Ashcroft got a woody when he clarified that for everyone.
  4. yup.:D what a joke.

    scumya and his puppetmasters just has to go.. prison!!!:cool:
    tic toc toc... the 9/11 needs to blow up in their faces.:mad:
  5. everyone, reporters and politicians alike, are saying that "we are at WAR!!!"

    we're not at war. we're arbitrarily going around kicking the shit out of 3rd world countries.

    hardly compares to many of our other "wars."

    the only thing that seems really grave IMO is the 500+ johns who died for this BS.

    but i guess the oil companies and defense contractors have to have their day, too...the banks got theirs in the early 80s from the republicans, paid for by you and me...

    we coulda saved billions and 500+ lives if only we had better borders, safer energy plants, and cracked down on those fucking airlines.

  6. It'b obvious the whole 'war' hysteria is a means to control the ever-more-ignorant and maleable US population. Gad, we must look like bozos to the rest of the world.

  7. 35 minutes about the war on terrorism and not one mention of Osama. Interesting. And he managed to spin the Iraq thing into a humanitarian issue, too.
  8. Osama? what osama?? scumya mentioned someone else as the mastermind of 9/11:confused: :confused:

    Hey! osama is an ole good scumya's buddy. OBL fulfilled his mission with 9/11. scumya let him go..
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  10. I gotta admit, kinda missed the famous axis of evil and the evildoers. had a nice ring to it:D :D :D what a joke!!!!
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