State Of The Union 2011 Ratings: Fox News Dominates, CNN Second

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  1. No surprise here: Fox News dominated the cable news competition in the State of the Union ratings. There was good news for CNN, though, as the beleaguered network came in second, beating MSNBC.

    Fox News drew 4.96 million viewers (with 1.634 million in the A25-54 demo) for the broadcast of the speech itself, and 5.44 million (1.756 million in the demo) for the post-speech analysis.

    CNN was far behind, with 2.984 million viewers (1.2 million in the demo) tuning in for the speech, and 3.01 million (1.23 million in the demo) for the analysis. But the network still beat MSNBC, though not by much.

    MSNBC--which had its first major political event without coverage from Keith Olbermann--drew 2.504 million viewers for the speech, with 836,000 in the demo. It was the only network out of the three whose ratings for the post-speech analysis were lower than those of the speech itself. 2.357 viewers (739,000 in the demo) watched the anaylsis.

    MSNBC is only station that loses viewers for its after speech commentary. Who would want to sit and listen to all the leftist hate and ignorance?
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    To be fair, a lot of liberals are young people who haven't quite figured out life and don't have time to hang out and listen to the STOU address. Only the older liberals who never got a grasp on truth and justice in government were around to watch the speech in numbers.

    Of course there are those in the middle age bracket who are still liberals who haven't come to grips with the world and may or may not have been around to see the speech.
  3. Just think, if this thread gets 5 stars, that means that it is better than a thread that gets 1 star.

    Sure, and American Idol is better than other shows because it wins the ratings wars...

    Dude, you are soooooo deep.

    Pathetically, that's what America has big popularity contest to select politicians, information sources, etc.

  4. Lets look at this logically.

    American Idol - Generates thousands of jobs.
    Obama - Loses thousands of jobs

    American Idol - Generates millions in revenue not to mention all the small businesses increase in revenue where American idol auditions are held.
    Obama - loses trillions of dollars

    American Idol - Unites the country
    Obama - Divides the country

    American Idol - Makes people happy
    Obama - Makes people angry

    So it kind of looks like yeah...American idol IS better.
  5. Yes of course, and following your logic, we should eliminate our Constitution in favor of The Super Bowl.

    Hell, the ratings for C-Span allowing people to view the votes in Congress as they happen is not as valuable as Desperate Housewives because of the ratings...

  6. Ratings have causes. Don't compare C-span to Housewives.
    Only compare post-SOTU roundtables to each other. And that shows that political junkies detest MSNBC because they are hateful and viscous racist (against white men), Ageist (McCain, other aged Conservatives) and sexist (Palin, Haley etc..).

    I doubt the audience of Desperate housewives could even name both President and VP.