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    There are five states that have no income tax.If you had your druthers,which one would you choose to live in.Florida would be the warmest but also the most crowded.How about living in Washington near the Oregon border.No Washington income tax.No Oregon sales tax.Lots of rain though.Any votes for Las Vegas?Whats the best place in Texas?Gee I have forgotten which is the fifth state.
  2. Does anyone have a list of the various taxes in all states? Which states have taxes that are so low as to be negligable.
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    What about Wyoming and Alaska?
  4. States which have no income tax usually make up for the deficiency in another area (Property, sales, or other Taxes).

    You really need to look at the full scope of taxes applicable to a location. I believe a magazine did an article regarding the best places to retire which demonstrated the tax differences between states. That article may be a good place to start regarding a total tax for the states.


  5. What about overseas or offshore?

    I vote for trading from the beach in Phuket, Thailand!

    Any offshore account traders here? Speak up, the latest member to join was "IRSauditor"
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    Why would a trader want to live in Wyoming or Alaska?Low taxes?Excellent broadband connections?Really nice winters?
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    Looks like a couple more states than I thought.There are some "minimal tax" states but only seven where, I assume ,you dont have to file a return.
  9. thanx for the link
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    I still would cast my vote for Vegas. I don't live there but from what I've heard and read Vegas is probably the best all around place to live from a tax perspective. No state income tax and real 1% property taxes....
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