State Income Tax - Is it Worth it?

Discussion in 'Taxes and Accounting' started by cashonly, May 18, 2002.

  1. Freeport, Bahamas ...
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    cashonly Bright Trading, LLC

    I love snow! It's wonderful! But only if there's more than 36 inches of it, it's on a mountain and it's only underneath my skis:D
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    i am from pa, we had a frost the other night, not kidding, i have been thinking of moving to florida for quite some time, i am in my 20s doesn't florida have some intangible tax that is similar to income tax, the 2 i am considering is florida and nevada, but nevada is maybe too far, in florida i have looked online at real estate in miami, ft lauderdale and south beach. i am going to look into boca and west palm beach. if i move to florida i would like to be near a beach and people my age, any suggestions ft lauderdale seems nice but wahts the population like there regarding age also i get dsl and cable here cant give that up its a must thanks
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    I moved from Hbg in 1999 to Raleigh NC. The weather is unbeatable, plus beaches mountains and lots of cool lakes and trails and things like that.

    The thing I noticed when I left PA the last time I was visiting my mom was how grey it was. Just having it sunny most days makes a huge difference in my mood.

    Downside is NC rapes you with taxes so maybe keep going to SC or down to FL.
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    yea im from nepa weather here sucks. i want to be near a beach, but at the same time dont want to or actually i cant give up dsl and cable, some posts indicated that was a problem. taxes also a issue. there was just a dem primary here and the winner said in his speech i read in the paper that pa was 48 in job creation, and 49 in population growth. anyone in florida know what the intangible tax is? is it similiar to income tax. thanks
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    I'm no tax expert, but the intangible tax is not an income tax. It is a tax on assets you own such as stocks. I believe in Florida it only kicks in if you have $100,000 or more, and even then it is only like one percent (or possibly less?). I don't recall if the rate is progressive, though I imagine it probably is.
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    If I remember correctly, Florida intangible tax is $1 per thousand on Stocks and Bonds (cash, cd's, retirement plan assets, and any Florida muni's are exempt). Applied to holdings on January 1.

    Individual Filers - The first $20,000 of total taxable assets are exempt. Assets above $20,000 are taxed at $1 per thousand dollars of value.

    Joint Filers - The first $40,000 of total taxable assets are exempt. Assets above $40,000 are taxed at $1 per thousand dollars of value.

    Here are the details :
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  10. Does every state have this intangible tax? I never heard of it.
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