State House approves Bible study in public schools

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  1. even though this is nothing more than a trick by bible thumpers to get religion in the schools i would actually support this. as long as it is really an "academic study" of the bible.
    nothing destroys the faith that the bible is anything more than the writings of primitive men quicker than actual education about the bible.

    The South Dakota House of Representatives on Wednesday approved a resolution supporting and encouraging the "academic study of the Bible in South Dakota public schools."

    The non-binding resolution, HCR 1004, passed the House 55-13.

    Rep. Steve Hickey, R-Sioux Falls, said it was important to give students the chance to study the Bible in a "non-devotional way" because of its cultural significance. There currently is no state law that would prevent the academic study of the Bible or other religious books in public schools.

    His resolution calls for schools to offer support for elective classes teaching the Bible.

    Hickey also said he would be fine with teaching other religious books, such as the Quran or the Book of Mormon, in schools, citing their cultural and historical significance.

    The resolution cites support from the U.S. Supreme Court and other sources that schools can teach about the Bible in an academic, non-devotional nature that "does not press students to accept religion" and "neither encourages nor discourages differing religious views" among other qualifications.

    Several other lawmakers gave speeches supporting HCR 1004. Rep. Shawn Tornow, R-Sioux Falls, cited the state's motto "under God the people rule" as reason for students to learn about the Bible.

    "I think it's appropriate under this resolution to give kids the opportunity to understand, historically who God is," Tornow said.

    No legislators spoke against Hickey's resolution

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