State Govenment Employees Are OVER paid

Discussion in 'Politics' started by pspr, Feb 27, 2011.

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    "Several studies from left-leaning research groups claim that state and local government employees are underpaid. All of the studies are seriously flawed."

    "Judging from the number of studies on public sector pay emerging from left-leaning policy groups, these groups must have concluded that they have a persuasive case to make. But that case depends crucially on a flawed approach for estimating the value of pension and retiree health benefits. Once those errors are corrected, it is difficult to conclude that state and local government employees are not overpaid."
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    Democrats want to keep public sector pay and benefits way beyond what is resonable and affordable. They would rather bankrupt the states and the federal government than accept benefits that are similar to those in the private sector. Even federal unions have no wage/benefit bargaining power yet union scum are protesting the limiting of bargaining to state worker unions to cost of living increases. What low lifes and tit suckers they are. They need to be weaned off the taxpayer's tit and weaned now.
  3. Please explain how BK governments will benefit the dems politically?