State Department can't catch a break....Russia captures CIA op

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    Russia Captures US Embassy Worker In Act Of CIA Recruitment; CIA's "Dropbox" Gmail Address Revealed


    Following the just concluded recent visit by John Kerry to Russia, one may have been left with the impression that the tensions of the Cold War are dead and buried. Just the opposite it appears. In what may be a well-timed and orchestrated announcement, moments ago Russia announced that it had caught an American, Ryan Fogle, a third-secretary at the US Embassy in Moscow, "red-handed" as he tried to recruit a Russian intelligence officer to work for the CIA. There goes any leverage the US may have had in attempting to persuade Russia to relent on the joint-Western push to "liberate" Syria. Just as Russia, run by a former KGB spy, had intended all along, and just another slap in the face of the US department of state, which lately can't seem to find its way out of a scandal-ridden (and redacted) paper bag to save its life. But perhaps most amusing is that in the attached letter given to the recruiment prospect, the CIA give out the email address to be used to indicate interest in working for Langley as follows: How the times have changed...

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    The incompetence of the Odumbo regime knows no bounds.
  3. That's the lead at HuffPo, also.
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    I read that Kerry was kept waiting for hours by Putin. The Russians are enjoying kicking around this Administration.
  5. Might be payback.

    Maybe Putin is Po'd, waiting hours for the ketchup to come out of the bottle...:cool: