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  1. Greetings to all colleagues-traders. The first thing want you to know that english is not my first language, so I apologize in advance if smth goes wrong. It is also a good opportunity for me to improve my english.

    I'm from Russia, but now for about a month live in Dallas,TX.
    There is a lack of information about trading in russian-language blogs, but nevertheless there are a few blogs of professional traders.

    As for me, I am trading U.S. stocks slightly less than a year.
    A lot of time this year has been spent on the formation of a certain style of trading. Now I mainly trade stocks "in play". Open trading and price spikes trades based on tape reading is that basically I'm trying to develop. I'm tired of being in league of "hundred-share" traders.

    My goal for this year to make at least 30K.
    I will try to make a review every week and try to do my best.

    I wish you all the good trades in the new year.
  2. By the way, the results of this year from July.