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    Hey Everyone, I'm Anthony and I'm trying to start with day-trading. I've done a good amount of reading in the past few days, and I'm not ready to invest real money yet. Something I've been doing is investing in stocks that have looked at past patterns and current and upcoming news through Google Finance Portfolio's. In this matter, I haven't had to use any real money but I can virtually track how I would do. I've done well, but I don't fully grasp all the concepts I need. I've read a few tutorials and guides, like the one on the main page, but I'm so unfamiliarized with the terms that there kind of confusing. I've also looked up some of the terms via wiki, so I am educated in that matter. I did a quick Google search on day trading forum, and found this forum. I read through till page 15, not finding much, I decided to post a thread. I am only 18, So I'm not that experienced, but I'm looking to learn.

    Here are some questions I've been wondering about.
    - Good online broker to use for day trading, and the difference between an online broker and direct one.
    -Does Day-Trading mean you have to sell within the market close, or can you hold stocks for several days and sell and still be considered a day-trade
    -Any recommendations would be great.
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    one word to answer all your questions and all future questions:
  3. Do you guys have the same IP address?
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    how can we have the same IP address? What does that have to do with the topic? The guy wants to know where he can trade some fake money to practice, and some answers to some basic questions. I have been using Investopedia for a long time and find they have everything a beginner would need (other than a community forum that is any good).
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    Holding for a few days may be more in line with Swing Trading. Day trading is just as the name implies….in and out same day usually. There are minimum account balance rules for Day Trading. If your account is below the minimum ($25,000) you are restricted on how many trades you can place in a given time…as to not break this Day Trading minimum account balance rule.

    Someone correct me if I am wrong here.