Starting with $1M-Goal to double my money

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  1. jojo.ojo


    Here we go.

    Will only trade what can be traded on IB

    Will post all trades real time

    Will stop posting on Elitetrader(under this id anyways) for 6 months if account falls below $800,000

    Goal to double the money or better in 24 months.
  2. jojo.ojo


    First Trade - Buying 1 contract of HOZ1 at 3.1265, stop at 3.08
  3. jojo.ojo


    Buying 1 ZCH2 at 673.5 with a stop at 653.5
  4. jojo.ojo


    Bought 1000 shares of BXP at 100.10, stop 97.30

    Bought 1000 shares of SLB at 77, stop at 74.6
  5. jojo.ojo


    Buying 300k of NZD/CHF at stop price of 7210.
    Once it gets executed 75 pip stop
  6. if you fail

    will you

    get back

    get back

    get back to where you once belonged?
  7. hitnrun


    i am on the edge of my seat
    another amusing thread
  8. fishing


    trading a 1M account and posting a journal at ET forum :D
  9. d08


    Hey, demo cash is cash too...sort of :)
  10. Blotto


    That stop is going to be taken, likely within the week.

    This is certainly going to be hit.

    Both positions underwater already.

    If you are trading a live account I would recommend conducting an honest and thorough self evaluation to determine whether it is wise for you to be trading in the futures markets.

    It is very expensive to get it wrong. In addition to losing your capital you may commit a significant amount of time and emotional energy, ultimately for no purpose.

    I find "hit or miss" trading morbidly horrifying and I am convinced that people who engage in it ultimately lose what they can afford and sometimes more.

    You damn near top ticked the corn yesterday and it will go against you today. Your HO long is doomed. Please re-think this. Remember later that you were given this advice at the very beginning.

    While my advice is well intentioned it may not suit your beliefs, in which case please do not acknowledge this message and I shall not bother you on your thread again. Just be aware that it is not uncommon for a trader to lose their ass in the futures market following the modest goal of doubling their (large) capital. There will be people here who try to lead you further down the path. Consider their motives.

    I'll do you a deal - no need to open any new positions at the moment - if I'm wrong about those stops being hit then ignore what I said and carry on. If the stops do get hit, please go flat, open no more trades, and cogitate on how I knew the outcome in advance. If you are stopped out and agree not to place any more live trades I agree to answer so far as I am able, and so far as is professionally prudent, your questions about trading.

    If however you choose to crack on, traders should pay attention as I suspect you'll be a remarkably good fade.
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