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    Hi, I am new in this business, I will open an account with IB, Ensign and Button trader because I have heard good thing about them. something better? I want to focus on stock and futures day trading, is it possible to do 1% per day? any martingale? ;)
  2. Sure. Anything is *possible*.

    Is it probable? My guess is probably not. You are looking for 1% per day return. If they can make that 1% per day, day after day, they wouldn't need to sell you whatever they sold you.

    GL in any case.
  3. you have some very powerful weapons at your disposal.

    start off slow.. make sure you understand all the features you will be using..
  4. 1% per day = dream come true
    1% per week = spectacular
    1% per month = ok
    1% per year = still better than most day traders
  5. I never like to think of day trading on a % basis of an account as I have tons of buying power/leverage.

    I can always add more funds to my account or just ask for more leverage so I like to use edge per share over % returns.

    In my opinion measuring success w/ edge per share is the best way to track success on a daily basis.
  6. Come back in 2 years after you have learned some of the basics of trading...put the 100k back in the fantasy section of your brain..

    A number of people will ultimately give you some suggestions for good reading matter...

    DO NOT go to an "educator" site...

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    That's the best answer I've seen here for a noob wannabe retired yesterday, expecting/hoping to live the good life from trading

  8. If you don't know how to trade, you will lose all 100k. Not really a matter of if but when.


  9. so true (from what I hear)

  10. Is it not possible to learn then ? Sounds like a large enough account to me, to be able to set some money up for the learning curve, start micro and learn as you go... theres some great info I am find on learning to trade. Hoping its not really a spectator sport.
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