Starting trading QM. I need intra-day charting and a 2 buttons buy/sell platform

Discussion in 'Commodity Futures' started by philgib, Sep 1, 2008.

  1. philgib


    I want to focus on QM.

    May I share your experience ?

    I see no point paying independently exchange, broker, chart software and trading platform if there is anyone offering the whole thing ?

    I am ideally looking for a charting platform including 2 large buttons buy/sell with pre-determined contract number, offered for free by broker.


  2. Think or swim will fit the bill. You can try out all their stuff for free. Commissions are kind of high on futures though. You can negotiate if you do size. There is probably a better fit out there for you, but its a starting point.
  3. openecry has the whole package. best free charting, data and dom order interface.
  4. philgib


    Thanks for the tip on Open E Cry. Looks nice indeed. Too bad it needs XP and Microsoft server. My PC is lighting fast with light and rock solid Windows 2000 and Metastock 8 The requisites would have me to purchase another computer.

    What is your experience with their brokerage service ? Is it smooth ?

    Any difference with E-signal which I already know would be much appreciated.

    DDE link with excel a great stuff, I used to make a living from programming XL spreadsheets for traders, so I am quite happy to find it here.

  5. bbqbbq


    I use OECtrader myself

    Their charttrader is awesome. You can use bracket orders and change the 3 factors, stop, entry and target before the order is filled and after the order is filled stop and target are still adjustable.
  6. you say you want to trade QM using futures

    have you any exp trading USO or UNG ?