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    Hi guys, could some of you give me some tips in trading gold. Just anything that could be a bit relevant to trading intraday would be great. Stuff like, should I also be watching other metal markets, currencies, interest rates... When is it best to trade, any technical anal. tips....

    Thanx for any help!
  2. Why gold? Do you have some innate knowledge of the workings of the market if not why Gold there are more liquid markets out there.
  3. watch copper (or base basket) euro cable yen
    silver (although usually it tracks gold)
    oil gasoline (rbob) djia ftse nikkei shanghai comp. (ssec)

    and always take care on US data releases (like todays jobs data)
    you are in effect trading against the dollar

    at the moment we are doing nothing treading water and stuck in a 666-674 range

    good luck
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    I do have some knowledge of the markets, but I just wanted to hear some tips from experienced traders. In terms of why trade gold, well, I just want to diversify a bit my trading.
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    Thx BillyRay!
  6. MrPaul


    Buy support levels, Sell resistance levels...
    easy nuff'