Starting to see some interesting new 19" Widescreen mnonitors...

Discussion in 'Hardware' started by Chagi, Dec 4, 2005.

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    ...I was poking around the other night through a local computer shop's price list, and the following caught my attention:

    Acer 1916W-B 19" Widescreen LCD Black 8ms, 1440x900, price: under $400 CND.

    Unfortunately the monitor only has a VGA input (no DVI), but damn, the price sure is nice, great bang for the buck. It looks like Viewsonic has a similar monitor, but with DVI:

    These 19" widescreen monitors would seem to be very, very interesting choices for someone looking to put together a mult-monitor set-up for trading, particularly since you can pick up a pair of these for a similar price to that of a single Dell 2005FPW (not counting some of the huge discounts that Dell does from time to time).
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    I have actually wondered about this for quite some time now, since widescreen panels have become very common/popular in consumer laptops. Specifically, I've generally been suprised that widescreen monitors haven't been very common in sizes under 20" - it looks like this could be the beginnings of moving the retail market in the direction of widescreen monitors for their PCs.
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    Update - looks like the Viewsonic model is about $450 CND.
  4. This topic has come up quite a number of times. If you find a really good price on an 'good' analog, buy it. You'll never notice the difference!
    PS: I like SONY 19"
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    dell canada often has sales on their excellent 20.1" widescreen, i bought one recently for about $450 i think, and the price goes down every few months. dell us has better deals of course. multiple inputs, dvi, analog, etc.. its a beautiful panel, but the 24" one is even better if its in your budget, sub $1k when its on sale. (same panel used in apple's 24")

    edit: i'd never buy analog lcd, because analog monitors usually feature panels that are in the lower end of the mkt, and the dvi price premium is a lot smaller now. theres no reason for analog unless you are forced to by other circumstances, and side-by-side, you will see the difference.
  6. Lots of people claim they "can see no difference, side-by-side". Probably has to do with the quality of VGA output. Besides, many cards don't do DVI @ 1600 x 1200 in dual display.
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    on black friday at bestbuy samsung had syncmaster 914v 19"lcd for $199 after rebate, they might repeat the deal to lock out those chinese upstarts.
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    That would be an even better deal.

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