Starting to develop a back for day trading "options"

Discussion in 'Options' started by TheFoot, Jul 31, 2020.

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    Hey guys I'm brand new but have had some moderate success this for sorting out certain stocks to hope on and get out with a little profit. I was thinking to maximize my profits and limit my risks I may want to start day trading options. Anyone think that is a bad idea?
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    It is a very good idea on Monday, Wednesday and Friday.
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    I think it’s a bad idea.
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    read the link.
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  5. I think it's a great idea. I want everyone to do it.
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    read the link.
  7. I have seen it before, it was posted here in another thread - that's why I want more people to do it. It's a great idea and everyone will be driving a Lambo after doing it.
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    I was being serious!
  9. You don't like Lambos? Buy a Porsche then!

    I was primarily commenting on the tail-selling strategy in the link - yes, tails are statistically rich but there is a reason why most people are reluctant to sell them. If more people sold tails, maybe tails would get fairly priced and i'd be a happy buyer :)

    If we are serious for a moment, you can come up with viable intraday strategies for options especially if you have good call on the underlying stock. It would take a lot of work, as it would difficult to overcome transaction costs and there are a lot of question on the risk/reward too.
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    I was joking when I said I was being serious but I am being serious about day trading options if that makes sence.

    And I'll take a porche or a Lamborghini.

    But I am looking for some serious advice because I am new. I may not fully understand what I'm doing but it seems to me to be safer to option 100 shares at 5 bucks a share for say 50 bucks that to lay 500 bucks down to buy outright and then possibly be left holding the bag of shame if I'm worng.

    I know not all stocks offer options but I am definitely way more drawn to the crazy stocks that move up and down like a bobber than the slow moving ones.
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