Starting Over's Make it or break it trading journal.

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  1. This will be my first trading journal. I'm going to attempt to day trade ES mini's exclusively. My goal is to hit 7000 this month and every month from now. Here are my rules:

    -If I hit -975 for the day I will be done for the day.
    -The maximum number of contracts I can use at any given time is 5.
    -If I hit -500 for the day, I can only trade one contract until I am back above the 500 loss.
    -I start out the day using a maximum of 2 contracts.
    -If I have a profit over 500 I can use 3 or more contracts.
    -The maximum number of points I can risk on any given trade is 3 points.
    -There is no profit limit for the day. However, once I hit $1250, I will put a stop loss on my profit slightly above a $1000 so I can lock in at least $1000. I will do this with every $1000 increase from $1250 (ex; $2250, $3250, etc...)
    -I will never average down.
    -I will average up if a position is in my favor. (ex; 3-2, 2-2-1, 1-1-1-1-1)

    In terms of trading, it will be totally discretionary. There will be days I go for quick scalps and other days I hold for huge winners. There's really no set rules for how I trade, the only rules I'm really placing on myself is the money management rules above for now.

    These are the following area's I will considering when entering and exiting a position:

    - Pivot points
    - Support and resistance area's
    - Opening range
    - High and low of the day
    - Trends and trend reversals

    All right that's it for now. I plan on updating this journal at least once per week. Take care.
  2. Results for the week of 9/4:

    6367 needed to reach monthly goal.
  3. 9/12

    Made a quick 1025 in 3 minutes. Went long the high of the opening range and added contracts as the position was moving in my favor. Done for the day.
  4. 9/13

    Made 1050 in under 10 minutes. Great start to the week. Done for the day!:)
  5. 9/14

    Up 302.50. Was below 900 at one point, fortunately was able to fight back to be in the green. Today was seriously an emotional roller coaster.
  6. 9/15

    -975. Done for the day. For my current strategy to work, I need to be profitable for 4 days for every one hard stop loss day. Rangy days really hurt my strategy. One day you feel like you're on top of the world, the next day you feel like the everyone in the world is sitting on top of you, crushing you to oblivion. Need to have at least one 2000+ day if I have only 3 days positive and 2 days negative for the week.