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Discussion in 'Hardware' started by dbphoenix, May 19, 2004.

  1. dbphoenix


    Do any of the Hardware habitues know of a thread here that discusses how to wipe a hard drive clean and start over? I'm not talking about over-writing or re-installing. I mean starting over (I'd do a Search, but I don't know what terms to use; if anyone has any suggestions, I'll go the Search route).

  2. Luto


    In windows if the disk is not the primary, use the Admin tools in the control panel. Under the Disk manager you can wipe a disk.
    I go thsi route often. Place the disk in another machine and wipe it then put it back in the target machine.

    For other Win OS, Fdisk still works.

    For yet others, a lot of the disk manufactures provide utilities to wipe the disk.

    Hope this helps,

    PM me if you need more info....

  3. lkh


    boot computer with an old win 98 startup disk. then at "a" prompt type format c: /u. it will wipe it clean.
  4. dbp,

    u can pop in your winxp/2000 cd in, and delete the existing partition on your hard drive, then create a new one. then you can have a fresh & clean harddrive

  5. If you are running WindowsXP you can go to Programs..... Accessories.....System Tools .....System Restore and back date your hard drive to before the problem existed. Your files and documents will all be saved and up to date. It is amazing. Worth a try.