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    What do you ever feel you need to accomplish? Do you know what you are doing? If you don't know how to trade, why are you trading? What is a good deal on the markets? Do you know how to pull a good deal off? Are you getting value? Do you understand the importance of value? If you don't...don't trade.

    You can talk all day long, but, if you don't understand the importance of value you will never get it. People talk about losses, this is a site about loss.

    Test the water.

    Do you have enough dosh?

    Enough dosh to be able to barter?

    One off trades don't work...absolute does not work.

    Where am i comming from? Wrong!

    Where are YOU comming from?
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    From the home page. Sorry I wasted my time.
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    Are you saying you have to know how to spell to trade?:)
  4. Cheese


    You appear to know very very little about trading.
    Go back to Snakes & Ladders or Noughts & Crosses to keep yourself amused and out of harms way.
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    Aaah, ha ha. Well, keep trying. I suppose you lot have got it off to a tee? I'm afraid i've hit on a note. Your replies say it all.

    Do you find me offensive?
  6. No, not offensive.

    What I'm reading consists of confusing language and an incomprehensible train of thought. Given that, you are scoring high on my bullshit artist detection meter...
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    Mike805,...What do you need to know?
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    Play school? Or are you just part of the whole opperation? It's not about you...before you take, make sure you know what is on offer?
  9. Go away RUDEBOY you dork!
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    Sulong...i like the way you reduce yourself to idiocy. Why can you not reason with me? Don't say i am unreasonable.
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