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  1. Hello,

    What is the nature of prop trading, what exactly is it? Can terms be freely negotiated or is there some type of industry standard terms, what would be typical, is the risk and reward shared. How is start made. I have a good long term track record and would like more information on the possible benefits of prop trading, any help is appreciated.
  2. If you'r a newbie, there isn't room for any negotiation. Experienced prop traders with a record can usually negotiate their rates and payout depending on what they can bring to the table. Just do your research and talk to a bunch of prop firms and other traders so you can make an educated decision.
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    The only way to be successful in any type of trading is do your homework/research.
    Spend a day reading some of these discussion boards.Lots of information here, also will find a lot of BS. Take the time to do your homework, it will pay off in the long run.
  4. Thank you seadog and goldenarm, I have done some research and it seems you're right, it's just a matter of sorting out what makes sense and making an approach to a firm.