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Discussion in 'Automated Trading' started by Grew, Jul 6, 2005.

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    Ok I need a crash course in VBA for excel. Does anyone have any good Intro books or websites that they would recommend? I would like to start as simple as possible; however i'm a very quick learner so i am hoping that i could have a good grasp of VBA in a couple months. Thanks in advance for the advice.
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    I learned excel vba with "excel vba programming for dummies".

    As for website, you can check out the forums at
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    Sweet I'll pick up that book tomorrow and check it out. Thanks for the websites too.
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    You can look for the article series I did not Excel in 1999, in Futures Magazine. It's a very good primer with a Trading slant. We wrote a system backtester in Excel during this series.
  6. Go to

    That is where I got started. There are a couple of samples, then tons of people to ask questions when you are stuck.
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    The best book I have seen is "VBA Developer's Handbook" by Getz and Gilbert. I also have "Excel 2002 Power Programming with VBA" by Walkenbach, which is more current than the Getz book.

    There is a Excel traders discussion group at:
  8. Hi. Is there a way to use Excel's VBA to get last quotes from IB's TWS? I currently use Visual Basic 6.0 to get quotes by using the TWX Active X control in VB and then write it onto my Excel Sheets. I would rather just code in VBA inside Excel to speed things up, but can't figure out a way to get TWS Active X control into my VBA code . Is it even possible? I would rather use Active X than DDE. Thanks