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    Hello All...

    So I have my third interview next week. The question I have is for people that have wored there. What should I be expecting in pay for the first month and second month? I was told I would make 35% of what I make off of trading.
  2. OUCH!!!!
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    sorry thats what I would start with.. the better I do the higher the % would be. I belive 55% is the highest.
  4. Is that 35% of net or gross?
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    Good thinking. I'll have to ask. Im assuming they would pay for all the fees associated with the trades. From what I got out of it is if in a month you can make them 2 grand you get 35% of it and so forth. The more money you make the more money you get to work with. Im probably not the best to answer the questions because I havent even started. I was hoping for someone who has worked there to answer some of the questions.
  6. I believe this has been answered about 38024982390 times so far.

    Most people take 3-6 months to develop. It would be wise to have money for 6 months. Even if you make money your 3rd month, you wouldnt actually see the money till the end of your 4th month because its in arears.

    They do not pay for your trades, they pass everything through.

    Only the very best make over 55% of any money they make. Most make 35-40%. Eventually if you are exceptional you will make it to the higher levels and see money over 50% coming to you.

    Success rate varies, i would guess between 10-30%.

    Good luck, keep your discipline and your head up through training, its rewarding if you suceed.
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    Thanks that helps alot.

    So in light of what you said. Does that mean in the first 1-3 months you make zippo.. or will you still make a little money like $600 or so.....
  8. Most likely, you'll be negative (less than zippo) in the first 1-3 months (if not longer). Seriously, don't even consider trading if you need to make money in the first few months, for several reasons.
  9. ou will make zero, and you will be lucky if their piece of shit system prosperpro doesnt put you into the negative

    today it fucked me for 7g's probably has fucked me for atleast 20 in the last 3 months.
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    Woow doesent seem to positive. I have also heard they hire anyone they can. Do different offices do different things. So will one office be really good to work for while other down right suck. Im in calgary by the way. On my 3rd interview is there things I should be asking them?
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