starting books for financial modeling in excel vba

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  1. looking to dig in to getting more fluent in dealing with excel.... anysuggestions?

    Here are the top results for amazon. are anynof these any good..... ive rate myself a 2 out of 10 rating when it comes to programming..

    I want more flexibility..... I currently use hoadley... .
  2. for any of you that care to have it... i have this book in PDF now..
    Financial Modeling by Simon Benninga 3rd edition..

    i'm going to start reading it ... i'll post a bit of a review as i go.

    i read in a review on the book on Amazon to read the Chapter 6 first so thats what i'm going to do.. its intro to VB for apps
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    I have "Financial Modeling Using Excel and VBA"
    by Chandan Sengupta

    I would recomend it.
  4. vba power programming
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    I've actually read this book and it's probably one of the best books on the book shelves but you need to have slightly beyond a working knowledge of Excel and Visual Basic to really benefit from the book. I would suggest reading a book on both topics before tackling this book, or perhaps even taking a class at the local college if the OP felt it necessary.

    All things considered, EViews absolutely blows Excel away when it comes to financial modeling capabilities. I used that program in an Econometrics class and ended up buying the program -- it's that good!

  6. I'll look at that... I'm gonna take a intro course in the spring
  7. that does look pretty snazzy..