Starting at Echo vs. WorldCo

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    Like rtharp said above, Lynx Capital is an LLC of Andover. If you go to the Andover site, you will see the NY Lexington Avenue office listing (Lynx).

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  2. Does Andover have an office in San Diego?
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  3. Yes.

    PM me for more information.

    It is actually the West Coast office of Lynx Capital - Andover which was mentioned above.
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  4. I have been with Echo for a few years and having been at a few other firms before can highly recommend them. I think one of the greatest benefits the firm offers is the ability to sit next to good traders and learn from them, with no additional cost. Anyone at the firm who has had the chance to learn from Ed in the Chicago office will know what I mean.
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    Hammer appears to have (at least partly) the same interface as Blackwoods old software. Are you SURE its proprietary? Blackwoods software was average at best. Is there anything Andover's relabeled version can do better? If so, what?
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  6. Without using Blackwood's software it would be hard to say if it is a "relabled version".

    All I can say is that Hammer is very fast and blows away other platforms I have used. (Redi, Sterling, IB, Realtick) I have used below avg, avg, and above avg. Hammer is definitely above average.

    Hope that helps!

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  7. I heard Echo execution has a smiliar execution system. True?
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  8. Echo's Sterling is very good and getting better everyday, they are really working with traders to get input and implement improvements and ideas quickly.

    Hammer is just totally different. It is keyboard based and feels faster when it comes to order entry. I am only beginning to learn it and there is a big learning curve!

    Last Friday, I met some big volume listed traders that started using it 3 months ago, (came from Protrader - they use Gr8trade I believe) and in their experience it was a challenge to adapt to it at first, but once they got the hang of it, they would never go back. Saying that, I will be happy to update you in a few weeks on my own experience.

    Do you know what IS cool? One of the head traders of Lynx Capital in New York is flying out this weekend so he can train the office next week with all the tips and tricks .
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  9. And I know you are gonna message me with some of these key tips. :) Please help out a brother out!
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    Does any of those firms allow remote trading (except for Echo)?

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