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    I currently work as an analyst but I started trading several years ago and was able to build my account up to a decent level. Now, I have an opportunity to manage money full time using my funds along with friends/family accounts and was looking for advice. The fund will be approximately 2.5 million and all investors are aware of the risks associated with me trading. Some of the questions are what i had below.

    What is the usually the best brokerage to use if i am only trading stocks?

    What legal documents will i need to draft and What type of an attorney should i seek out to help create this?

    What should i charge for managing the fund?

    What is the best type of structure(LLC, corporation, LLP) to set the fund up for tax implications?

    These are just some of questions i had at the moment but I would welcome any other advice/comments. Also, if there are any other resources/books to help out that you would recommend
    I would appreciate that.
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    Thank you MGJ!