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  1. Starting from scratch, has anyone had the experience of opening a trading room for a small group of traders? Would appreciate any feedback on the subject.
  2. Physical or virtual?
  3. Actual with live traders on the premises.
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    and do you get to drop the soap each time?
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  6. You talking about "arcade" trading room where you supply the room, software, computer equipment and other essential trading related equipment only (traders are self-financed in comparison to a prop firm) and they essentially pay you rent to use the equipment. ???

    Note: There's a difference between trading arcade and prop firm...

    A trading arcade is an electronic trading facility where investors can trade for their own accounts. The firm provides office space, computer support, and brokerage, but does not provide trading capital. This is in contrast with a proprietary trading firm, which provides capital. Arcades are often run by a member of a clearing organization. Arcade traders are referred to as "e-locals".

    Here is one particular example of a "trading arcade"...

  7. I don't like the term 'Arcade' and is sounds like your' sitting around playing pinball machines and video games. Setting up trading floors / offices for groups of traders is not too difficult but there are varying levels of sophistication to these set-ups.