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  1. Hello all. I am looking into starting my own trading floor here in the U.S. . I have spoken to Title and Swift about starting an affiliate, but was wondering if there were any other alternatives. As most of you know, Swift is not coming stateside anytime soon (that I can tell), so that leaves Title. Any other choices? I look forward to your suggestions!
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  3. Have you always been a decade behind the times? I really posted this as a test?
  4. if your not gonna give the guy a decent response, don't bother responding. There's no need for that
  5. Not sure what you're talking about. As far as behind the times, I guess I am. I am looking to invest with a firm, open a floor and staff it with people who know how to trade. I have an experienced trader who wants to run it for me, and I need a company that might help us by training the traders (or telling us how to), getting us access to their platforms etc. I suppose you could liken it to a franchise. Are there any others out there? Swift has a program like this of sorts, but I am looking for something in the States. Now...anybody got anything productive to add?
  6. Thanks, Wiseman...I suppose I should be looks like Sue "Smallbones" registered here just to diss me. Some folks got too much time on their hands.
  7. Sounds like you want to build out a desk. What products are you interested in trading? How much capital are you talking about? Sure it would be nice to start your own desk but are you only going to be a prop desk or do you plan on getting customer order flow? The biggest desks all have huge sales forces feeding them order flow. Have you considered clearing firm options and how you are going to set up your back office? What kind of legal entity have you set up and do you already have a b/d?

    Trading platforms are a dime a dozen there are many many companies which will supply software and data for a price, it all depends how many bells and whistles you need and how much you’re willing to spend.

    As far as attracting traders, why would you want someone else to train your people? Where is your risk control in that? Or what kind of seasoned trader / risk manager would come to work for a brand new firm without a lot of guarantee?

    If you want to discuss this topic you’re going to have to include a lot more info.
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  9. A trading floor for what?..stocks?
  10. Start a floor that auctions porn, rehabs and food stamps.

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