Starting A New Business, Need Advice Please

Discussion in 'Professional Trading' started by progressseker, Feb 22, 2009.

  1. Hi Everyone,

    This is not related to trading necessarily unless you consider performing a service for profit, where I am trading my time and expertise in exchange for payment, a trade:p

    I am thinking of starting an errand service where I would help seniors run their daily errands by driving then to the doctors or taking them to the grocery store or other things like that.

    What I need to know currently is what should I expect from 1099 contractors that I may need to hire to help me with my business if I, as a one man operation, can't handle all assignments by myself?

    What should I minimally require of them if I am a sole proprietor?

    Am I responsible or are they responsible for any liabilities that may arise such as breaking something that belongs to the client or wrecking a client's vehicle if they are using the client's vehicle to drive him/her around.

    So, what should I minimally require of the 1099 contractor to my operations.

    And what should be minimally required of me to get this business started taking into consideration that I don't have alot of starting capital. I just have
    my own transportation, business cards, flyers, car insurance, cell phone and alot of time to spare.

    Any productive input would be appreciated here.