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    I want to start a journak and put it up on a website. I will place a picture of my entry and my exit and explain the reason for entering and exiting when I did !

    I will like a free website at first to see how it works !
    Any suggestions on Free Web Site Hosting Providers. This will be more like a bloig but with pictures

    Any suggestions or samples of Similar Traders Websites tHat I can take a look at !!

    Thank you
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  3. If all you want to do is a trade journal with charts of your trade (entry and exit)...

    Blogs are great for such and most are free.

    Therefore, what is it about blogs that's not suitable for what your planning on doing ???

    Only advantage of a website is that you'll have better control and design of the format of your journal.

    You'll also be able to upload the info to search engines to make it easier for others to find you if that's something there interested in.

    Further, if you plan on doing more than just a is the way to go.

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    If you are after a fully customizable solution, where you can have a professional blog. Have a look at a web hosting solution.

    These guys offer several free solutions with their hosting packages.


    Liam O'Brien
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    the easiest blog software is Blogger and it's free

    Google owns both Blogger and Blogspot

    You can go to sign up for free and your blog will be hosted for free at Blogspot

    your web address will be and you can post pics or what ever. You can even join Googles program for publishers for free and place their ads (Adsense) on your pages to earn revenue.

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    How can I host a blog on my I need hosting I assume...if so any reccomendations?

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    yes you can use the blogger software and host elsewhere

    I have 14 sites and two of them do just that.

    The easiest way (for me) is to setup the blog thru blogger hosted at blogspot and then follow the blogger directions on transfering to your own host

    however they also have an option to just bypass blogspot and upload the blog directly to your hosting account

    I've had websites since 99 and so I'm in a good place to recommend host as they can make you or break you.

    Most people have no idea how little traffic most sites get and it's common to have over 2000 sites on a single server. Now when you get to doing lots of traffic you will have to upgrade plans and eventually to your own dedicated server.

    I use

    But for a beginner I would recommend with a plan starting at $5 per month and you can buy domain names there too. You'd be surprised at how large you can grow on such a plan.

    You'll get great support at any of the ones i recomend. and are great choices too. The later probably be the best place for a cheap managed dedicated. And the place I use being the best if your living is depending on your host.

    Actually any of these will serve you well.

    Good Luck
  9. .

    Birdman: I have 14 sites and two of them do just that.


    SouthAmerica: What kind of sites do you have?

    Can you post the address of your sites here then we can check them out.

    I have many articles published in the internet. And I also posted a copy of various articles on Blogger. If you want I can give you the web address of these blogging sites.

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    generally speaking ... it's just too spammy to post urls on a forum such as this, but I will hazard throwing up one. It's free and offers nothing for sale and is useful so it won't hurt maybe. I don't think anyone would object to it's content.

    It's a simple 2 page site at

    As for blogs / forums I don't have much along that line that is active. I just threw up a couple of blogs using blogger software. I'll pm you those links as I hate to be overly promotional.

    I do have over 100 undeveloped domain names of which several are slated for blog development. I'll be looking for good writers like yourself that would like to participate in articles. If I have any subjects that interest you, you will be welcome to write on one of them. I can tell right away we may not see eye-to-eye on everything, but that's OK. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion and the honest truth is we are both bound to be wrong about some matters.

    Thomas Edison is quoted as saying we don't know 1/100th of one percent about anything. We may have progressed a tad since then, but not much. We still have a lot to learn.

    and yes, I'd enjoy looking at your works. I've already read many of your writings here at elitetrader but it would be nice to see how you are doing other things.

    Are you from South America?
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