Starting a hedgefund, help if you can!!!

Discussion in 'Professional Trading' started by dibcompany, Mar 10, 2008.

  1. I am looking to start a hedgefund/incubator fund via day trading style with some swing trading.

    I used to be a successful day trader for 5 years and want to take those skill sets to start my own fund with my own money.

    Mainly for 2 reasons. First, I want to get away from doing 100 trades a day and focus more on technical and analytical part of trading. Second, I want to preserve capital. I basically want to defer paying taxes until I withdraw money out of the fund. That can be let's say 10 years later when the returns have mutiplied pretax amount.

    I've spent some money buying these useless books that basically summarize what is needed but does not go into exactly how to do it other than hire a lawyer and accountant who knows what they are doing. They cost too much for me to absorb right now.

    My questions are:

    - How do I set up the firm so that the money I manage is tax-sheltered until the fund is withdrawen just like mutual fund?
    - Is there regulatory body that governs standards/restictions and requirements?
    - What is the minimum back office cost when you start incubator fund?

    Anyone with info will be greatly appreciated.