Starting a hedge fund for Jesus

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    My name is Forrest Jones and I am starting a Hedge Fund for Jesus. I am looking for Christian investors only. The initial goal is to gather a 7 million dollar seed to begin operation during the current Global Economic down turn of October 2008. The objective of this fund is to create multiple streams of income for foreign and domestic missionaries. It is the vision that these income streams will replace the missionary's necessity to procure funds from outside churches by leaving God's work in the field to campaign back in the states for the cash they need to keep the ministry moving forward. I am looking for people who share this vision and are willing to put their capital to work for the kingdom of Jesus Christ.

    The Keys to the Kingdom come with a price; Obedience

    Yours in Christ,

    Forrest Jones
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    Amen !
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  3. Does he have separate funds for Catholics, Jews, Muslims, Buddhists, Taoists, vegans, Neo-Nazis, Aborigines et al? :D :eek: :D
  4. talk about a segregated account...
  5. Now that would truly be doing "God's Work" !!!!:D
  6. Then you have a guy named BIBLE on the same board!! With this said, if teleevangelists are any clue, this cat is going to raise a mint!!!


    Hello Hedge Fund Group Members,

    My name is Jared Bible and I'm a corporate recruiter for CarVal Investors. We are constantly looking for talent in all functional areas of our firm; I would encourage any Hedge Fund Group members to reach out to me if you find yourself open to new opportunities.

    I'm an avid user of LinkedIn and would also encourage those interested to connect with me. My profile can be viewed at For more information on CarVal Investors, please visit, or send me a message!

    Thanks and best of luck out there!

    Jared Bible
    CarVal Investors
  7. Need more recruiter? Carval invester?
  8. should be against the law. jezus is supposed to know how things will turn out before they happen. is it insider trading if you have knowledge of what is going to happen in the future?
    jezus must be banned from owning or advising a fund. amen
  9. Nope, its called an edge. Looks like SAC finally has some real competition!

  10. I wouldn't mind making a bid and offering ....
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