Starting a Free Trial at Millennium Trading for there calls

Discussion in 'Professional Trading' started by darren, Jan 16, 2008.

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    I am starting a trial for Millennium Trading for their chat room calls. I will updat you to let you know if it is decent or bullshit!! Lets see what happens......
  2. Good luck in your search I have never heard of them (not that that means anything) Common wisdom on here is they will be sharks so be careful.

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    I agree Bogan, but its not a paying trial so thats good. Plus someone alerted me to there performance and it is ridiculous. In a sense it is so good it is obviously not real!! They seem to time everything perfect and do not give specific times just general and then I compared it to the charts and it seems they get the top of a lot of trades. Also they do not have many losers, which I think is odd as well. So I would like to call bullshit on them and see what it is they are really doing for the sake of newbies!
  4. You see a lot of these sites do that to lure in the noobs good luck in getting to the truth
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    Are you trying the futures side or the equity side, they use to let you switch back and forth but no more...Tried MT 5 or 6 yrs ago now and you must be very quick to keep up with them...They play a lot of high dollar stocks like GOOG and CME...Give em a try and see WTF!
  6. I tried their free demo a year or so ago. It's true what they say. If it's too good to be true then it is. If you have 2 or more screens and can track the same stocks, you shouldn't have to pay whatever they're charging per month. I say save your time and invest in multi-monitor setup instead if you haven't already. Their stats are stacked to their advantage. Read the fine print. In the end you'll know what I mean. They're all BS.

    Good luck.
  7. i Tried their room and they gt the timing right all the time
    I thinkit is bullshit but you can give a try since it is free
  8. On order to better understand the "great performance", you must know that they only give you entry signals...where to get out is your problem.
    Then, based on the entry signal, they show on their website the best price you could have exited, theoretically. But they mention this on their website, you just have to read carefully.

    Good luck.
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    Day 1 of the trial down, and I did not think there signals were all that great at all. I compared them to mine and there are a lot of trades I didnt take with them and good thing!! For the newer person they are very misleading. I was writing down there calls as they were made to compare to what ever performance they would put up and lets just say they left out a bunch of stops. This morning for instance if you look at there performance log, and by the way I am in the futures room. The posted to consecutive .40 cent gains on the er2. Thats fine its still 40 bucks, but basically it popped up for a split second up four tics and then tanked and got stopped and they even siad stopped out in the room, it happend twice. It seems they decided to put those on the log. Which is very misleading for someone to think they are making all this money. They claim they amde 4k today and of course only trading 1 lot ast a time. No way. I made about 600 bucks to day and even didnt trade some of the stopped trades. They had a few more that were stoppe out but failed to mention, they will basically say it was flat if it was stopped out since you had a chance to immiediately get out of the position when you got in, nice marketing. They tell you its your own decision which they are right but they are selling a room and toute the returns, which I beleive to be ficticous. Anybody can call a trade let it go in our out the money , say they took the gains and if it got stopped out say they got out when it was falt for a scratch.Plus bascially anytime it gets wihin 5 tics of a new low he sells and if it goes down great they lock in profit on there site, if it dead cat bounces they call it flat, and they usually throw in one stop out just to make there record sheet look somewhat legit. So far after day one 2 thumbs down, just utterly ridiculous.
  10. Nice work fella
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