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  1. I'm thinking about starting a physician recruiting business from home and hiring people to work from home on a 50/50 fee split. Anyway, am I responsible for matching their social security taxes on the fees they earn or is there a way perhaps that I can get away with not matching it by having them work as independent contractors and let them take care of all of their tax payments?
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  4. The original post was highly ambiguous.
    Physicians can work from there home, or make house calls (depending on local laws), why would they pay someone 50% for that?
    Or are they working from NasdaqTraders home? That makes some sense, again depending on local laws.

    I never said i WASNT dumb, btw, which is precisely why i have so many posts. Youve been gazumped again............
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    I was just asking for clarification.
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  8. \

    Probably, but GOOG and get the IRS requirements for independant contractors,[herafter referred to as IC], actually much different than employees.

    [NO/fees on IC -SS, But double check it !!] , the IRS definition for independant contractors
    a] IC sets own hours

    b] IC has own work tools................................................

    c] more to it but you see the pattern...............................

    murray TT,
    Still have an independant contractor business,20+years

  9. I was referring to working as a physician recruiter, not being a physician, in other words a head hunter for practices and hospitals that pay a fee to recruit doctors for them, and hiring people to work from their home, not mine, on a 50/50 fee split. Average fee for a physician placement is 25,000, so it can be quite lucrative if I have 50 or so people working from home doing about 4-5 placements per year (not hard) and getting 50% of the fees while I pay for the advertising costs.
  10. Sounds like you want to be a medical pimp.

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