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    I'm starting a business finding apartments for a students in a college town and I'm asking for any advice/help and links that you guys can provide. I have already raised some capital and found a partner to go half in on. Advice on registering a business with the state, paying taxes, operating, helpful lessons, et cetra.

  2. I've seen so many people now trying that "business model". It's like the new new internet business meets the real world.

    You might have heard of a site called craigslist?!?

    Most colleges and universities already have a free forum or posting page specifically for this service. I doubt this will work as a viable business for you.
  3. There is a business like that already. It's called...
  4. I recommend not trying to fill a niche in that market, as you will find you do not make enough to survive. If you are interested in that type of thing and actually want to make a profit, you should do property management instead, that way you get to collect first months rent (or half a months rent if you are competitive), not to mention collect 10% of the rent check every month PLUS you get to tack on fees everytime you have to send a plumber out to fix the toilet(Plumber costs $80, you add another $20 to the bill because you had to call him). You might have to get licensed with the state to do that though.

    I cant possibly imagine you would make any money just finding places for college kids though. is where you get started with starting a small business.

    There should also be property management classes at your local college, or check with real estate schools if you cant find them at the college.
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    Grab a book on how to write a business plan. You will stumble on some things you havn't planned out yet.

    You gotta have a business plan.
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    Yeah, you should just day trade instead. :)

    On a more serious note, why don't you try the y-combinator? They'll supply you with the legal information and documents, some seed money, and invaluable contacts and advice. If you're going to lose your ass, you might as well do it in style.

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    You can also look to buy a business or franchise that is already profitable in your area. Legal Zoom has the documents that you need to incorporate yourself.

    For any of you who may be looking to start or buy a retail business, I have setup full DELL Quick Books systems POS and Invoicing including taking credit cards plus training in less than 4 hours for a fixed cost.

    I am also a certified tech who has worked for the 3rd party companies that service 7-11 point of sale systems, Barnes & Nobel, and Staples.

    Plus I can offer online payroll, network setup, I setup large companies like Lab Corp, plus dentist offices, and large gyms. Plus I managed the entire network and all IT systems for a $ 65 million a year company with over 200 people plus remote sales people around the country for many years before making money trading.

    Also, I can provide business consulting and brokerage services if you want to buy a business.
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    Here's my advice:

    Get rid of the partner. If s/he is a friend of yours, get rid of them asap.
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    I didn't ask for anyone's opinion on my idea; you don't know the market, the area or the circumstances or even the business model. It's proven in large cities like new york, la, et cetra and similar factors which supported the demand for apartment brokers exist there as they do here yet no one has exploited it. Thank you to the person who listed y combinator.
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