Starting a Anekdoten Holy Grail Chat, Anyone Interested?

Discussion in 'Hook Up' started by AHGChat, Mar 3, 2009.

  1. AHGChat


    I'm thinking about setting up a new IRC AHG chat where would we meet every trading day at around 9:30 am till the close to disscuss ES/NQ/YM trading opportunities and setups as the day goes on. We could make calls in real-time and learn from each other

    I'm not sure if it would be open for all, it would depend on the level of the participants, if there was too many newbies just asking basic stuff then it would have to be password protected. Otherwise it would be open for all. I would expect anyone in the chat for have already read most of the AHG original journal and the .doc file with the summary, plus to have at least 6 months of experience

    I'm in the process of registering the channel with a specific irc server.
    One would be able to access it using a 100% free IRC software(I use Hydra IRC, google it)

    I rather not name the server now because the channel its still not registed(PM if anyone can help me with this, apparently there needs to be 3-4 unique users sitting on the channel for the reg to work) and also I think it would be better for that to be done via PM to comply with this forum rules

    But at first I just would like to know if this would interest anyone
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    How to drive a truck chat? This is the wrong forum.

    Mods move this to citchat under trucking
  3. wavel


    Sounds great, except why would anybody who is consistently profitable going to spend time hanging around a chat room "exchanging ideas" ?
  4. gobar


    go to mypivots dot com

    they have started a chat on ensign software

    harmonics is the chat thread and its free
  5. AHGChat


    Except anekdoten and some of his crew already have a chat room but its private and they dont allow anyone in, they post calls in real time. I'm thinking it could be a good idea to make a new one so others get an opportunity to REFINE their trading skills
  6. There is already an irc channel spun off from the private ahg room. Try channel #ahg1 on the othernet irc server. They even have a website. Go to
  7. vingbel



    What do you think of I'm looking it over now. Seems kind of thin, but I guess it's just getting off the ground.
  8. fhl


    threads on this site report that anek himself does not post calls in real time.

    it might hinder his ability to show $100,000+ days. :)
  9. Spend $29.95 with PukeTick.

    You meet their profile perfectly.

    A wandering newb looking for trading calls.

    But be aware that the Wizard of Oz is fat man who sits on a specially made chair with a potty rim so his urine bag won't get the cushion wet.

  10. Not true, once Anek closed the room he opened up and not only posted thousands of real time calls he revealed his most potent advanced techniques and now he's got dozens of others doing them in real time too.

    Lot of envy in ET.

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