started buying LNKD

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  1. small in the 58-60 area, will buy even more 54-56, HUGE add at 49-51 and first target is 72
  2. Lol. This was a great short today. Made my day actually.
  3. You seem to not have a point
  4. 1) I hope it works. :)
    2) GRPN?......LNKD?......If and when FaceBook has an IPO, you won't be able to contain yourself. :cool:
  5. 76132


    You should get into that social media ETF. SOCL
  6. No I had about 3 of them [points] before I closed the trade yesterday.

    You don't seem to have much of a thesis for this trade, or rather this investment --- or at least you haven't provided one.

    Good luck with 72.
  7. nitro


  8. Got a piece at 56. Great trade so far

  9. good timing if you got in
  10. i didnt get the full size that i wanted, but I have enough I will start to unload small size tomorrow to lock in profits but 71-72 is a very good bet.
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