Start your stink bids.

Discussion in 'Trading' started by KINGOFSHORTS, May 17, 2010.

  1. Put them low, we might get another computer meltdown. The tape is starting to look similar to what happened last time.

    Something paused for a sec and got choppy a bit. lots of Chicago board of options block trades coming in as well last few minutes.

    So put in your bids you might get PG and other good stocks at 40% discounts.

    I got a bunch of unusual number of prints alerts.
  2. No fat finger today, King.
  3. Fat finger not needed, just computers thinking on their own and making computational assumptions.

    All these computers are programmed the same so they are like lemmings, if the computer gets spooked they all go towards the cliff and drop below.

    We the Humans have the edge against the machines fight them using their weakness.

    Think of The Vietcong VS United states.
  4. not going to happen. why? because everybody is ready to catch the freefall this time.
  5. What a boring day
  6. This day tested a lot of sell fingers. Personally, I think it was an exciting day.