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  1. Pro trader Alex Wasilewski has made a break through video on his trading methods. Simplified!

    Get a clear grasp of how to become a professional trader
    in about 2 minutes! No books to read, no studying. See
    video link below and we will follow it up with a brief
    discussion in the trading room:


    NOTE: This video uses Adobe/Macromedia FLASH
  2. 2 minutes is a little too long for me.

    Create the '60 second profitable trader' video and I'll sign up. I mean, you never hear about 120 second abs, but 60 second abs... yes!

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  5. BSAM


    I am considering starting classes on how to teach you to be an astronaut. I predict this will take me about 4 minutes to train you. If anyone is interested please reply on this thread.

    Please be advised that I am in no way qualified to present this training, but, what's that matter?
  6. There are no professional traders, as most lose money.

    The only ones that live off it are ones who ponzi.
  7. ellevers


    Has anybody even listen to the video because there are some amazing insights. I have been profitable since watching it. Just ringing the register.
  8. nysestocks

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    You only mentioned BLASH, but not SHABL, BHASH and SLABL!

    2 minutes is not enough time to learn what one needs to know in order to take money from other people, but 2-6 months should be plenty of time for those who take it seriously!

    I will start a new thread to help those who want to learn how simple it really is - but I will structure it in a way that the trader will have to think about what it is he/she is doing - thus the majority will not gain any real value!

    Trading is gambling - a trader who learns how to gamble correctly will take more money from others than he/she will lose to others!
  9. :D only idiot believe he will be genius
  10. I just lost 8 IQ points reading that.
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