Start The Gauntlet Mini™ $50,000 Funding Test For $99!

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    Dear Elite Traders,

    The Gauntlet Mini™ is back with an amazing offer this August. Don’t trade with your own capital! Show off your trading skills on a $50,000 virtual account to get a $50,000 funding offer from a proprietary trading firm.

    Take advantage of this outstanding discount and start now for $99!

    The discount will be applied to your subscription every month until you pass, cancel or change your plan. This offer is available until August 31, end of day CST.

    Sign up here

  2. LEELOO, has a discount code for the $13 sale (first month only).
  3. Hello Earn2Trade,

    Can I trade via Tradeview platform?
  4. Earn2Trade

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    Hello SimpleMeLike,

    Sadly, TradeView is not compatible with Rithmic Paper Trading, therefore it can not be used during the evaluation period.