Start of a bear market - DJIA January 2018

Discussion in 'Trading' started by FireWalker, Feb 10, 2018.

  1. From market action today, I'm wondering if some people would rather inflate the dollar, than lose their bets.

    Are they wrecking the playing board?
    #41     Mar 5, 2018
  2. you got your wish, future just tank. cohn just resigned. we'll see how far it will go down tomorrow. let the shorting begins....
    #42     Mar 6, 2018
  3. It's not my wish. Wall Street screwed up. I'm furious about being stuck holding the bag.

    In 2008, my suggestion was to implement Promise Language at the Federal Reserve, providing accurate record keeping with sufficient detail to handle all transactions. That suggestion stands.

    Since 2013, my suggestion has been to negotiate with each Treasury debt owner. A bond owner retires their bonds, Treasury issues him/her a "Federal Credit Receipt", and all terms are negotiable.

    We direct capital to infrastructure projects. Spend $20T on new water, power, and driverless transportation systems, with Federal Credit Receipts.
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  4. Counterpoint: Buy the dip. Not saying that's my plan or a good idea....just saying consider all possibilities (that said, it does look like a BTFD kinda day as we open).
    #44     Mar 7, 2018