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Discussion in 'Professional Trading' started by Yme, Nov 13, 2010.

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    Thinking about starting my own trading room and wanted to bounce the idea around ET a bit.

    I have over 10 yrs experience trading from my own account and want to branch out a bit.

    The room would focus on emini's and would call out when and what trades I am taking.

    Anyone have any comments on what rooms they liked or comments would be greatly appreciated.

    Thank you.
  2. trendo


    How much do you plan on charging for membership?
  3. spd


    The trading rooms I like dont cost money. And they dont talk about markets or trading or anything. And there really isnt any conversation at all, these trading rooms just play music I like. Make your trading room like Pandora radio and I'll join.
  4. I suggest you stay away from Paltalk if you are serious about it.

    Furthermore, calling out trades is completely useless if nothing is explained.

    Good luck !
  5. wrbtrader


    Best thing for you to do to get some solid ideas is to join any of the dozens and dozens of available FREE chat rooms on the IRC Othernet or Financialchat server to see how they are moderated, trades posted et cetera. Hang out in these rooms for several weeks.

    When you join those networks...just type in the command line /list to bring up the available rooms that want to be public. However, keep in mind that the best FREE rooms tends to remain "private" (password protected et cetera) on those servers and many of them won't show up via that command line unless the room owners want them to be visible to the public even though the room is private.

    The key thing to attract members will be to maintain a blog or website and then archive your chat room logs there to make them easily cache/searchable by all the major search engines. You can also use your blog or website to provide instructions, rules, goals et cetera for the chat room for your members to read.

    Also, keep the blog/website and chat room separate just in case one goes down (server or maintenance problems) the other one is still up and running.

    P.S. Don't charge a fee...keep it free because the fact that you're asking about tips to starting a chat room implies you're no where near ready to running a fee-base chat room.

    Regardless if it's free or fee-base, post some statements at the end of the day as proof you're risking money just like those following your calls even if you call trade signals "in advance".

  6. What are the best free trading chat rooms?
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  8. LOL...It's funny to see this to me...Ronnie is the real deal. I know him personally. He's got way more back there than the couple million he shows off in that account.
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    Your kidding right about Ronnie? Would love to see the other accounts he was profitable in because it wasn't in the managed account I was in.
  10. that was in reply to the question of what's the best FREE trading chatroom. never said he was profitable :) it's free anyway, and now they've changed the format to rotate the moderators/fund managers each taking a few hours.
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