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    I am wondering whether someone here can answer some questions for me.

    I am a prop trader working for a major investment bank in Hong Kong. Prior to this, I worked in US as a prop trader for 5 years and I come to Hong Kong last July for personal reasons.

    I built and run a high-frequency trading book for Hong Kong futures. I am thinking to start on my own, trade with my own capital. I am wondering how I should go about it.

    On typical day, I trade anywhere between 1,500 and 2,000 contracts for each future ( HSI and H-share ). I don't hold any over night position ( day trading ) and at any moment my postion is small. The trading is totally automatic and I programmed the code in C++.

    Given the volume I am trading, I am wondering what software I should use and what borker or FCM I should use ? The latency has to be very low. And given the characteristics of the strategy ( low exposure, no overnight position, high voume ), which broker would offer the best deal in terms of fees and margin requirement and which one is most reliable?

    Is TT and IB a good combination for me? Has anyone used TT's hosting service?

    Any suggestions would be a big help.


  2. Try , maybe they can help you, they were very nice and answerd all my questions.
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