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  1. If you haven't already heard EU is talking about a 600 bil ($805 bil) package to contain crisis and protect euro, this is big. This was expected but will definitly help spur confidence in world markets. Tomorrow will be a day to go long on everything, shorts will cover however we will still see some volatility into the rest of the week with wild swings, play the volatility and make money, best of luck fellow traders. Make a killing
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    Link to source?

    ::edit:: yeah that might be legit.
  3. @OP. Idiot! The stock market is gonna first drop flat like a pancake b/c they're gonna increase the money supply. Only after a few months will stocks begin to rise after all the inflationary pressures have been accounted for.
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    At this rate inflationary pressures aren't going away anytime soon.
  5. Isn't the stock Market forward looking?

    Bonds don't usually lie... I own 30yr calls and they rallied big at 12-1pm on Thursday.... BEFORE the talking heads at CNBC dreamed up a conspiracy of HFT nonsense....

    Who remembers 2008? The stimulus was rolled right over.

    This is a stealth bailout for the carry traders who are short yen and usd and really F'ed up... they need USD yesterday to cover their mess up.

    I guess they forgot to unwind all the convergence trades before the EUR collapses.

    The US also has incentives this week for their Treasury auction... I'm sure somehow they'll be buying Treasuries with their freshly minted USD.... and not Belgian Beer or Feta Cheese.
  6. Looks like the OP was right. Hopefully you took profits early and often. Good trading on the ES last night.
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