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Discussion in 'Trading Software' started by mitch77, May 8, 2005.

  1. You can't think like that or you would think the market is constantly ganging up on you...

    Are you asking for a cheap way to get started?

    For discretionary trading:
    Ensign charting (free data feed if you are using IB or Interactive Brokers)

    For system trading:
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  2. mitch77


    I am looking for a way to educate.

    Look, any fool can deduce that the markets are hugely complex and varied.
    Just as the human body is.

    If I had 6 months to make my adult child a doctor I would school him in dermatology
    not brain surgery.

    Why? Because the issues and necc knowledge for the VAST majority of all a dermatologist actually does could be learned in less than 6 months.
    A GP has to know some about it all and never stops learning.

    Haven't you wasted any time in learning all you have? And haven't you found some great things you would recommend to anyone interested?

    The purpose of these forums is not to attack ignorance, it is to share knowledge. It is the height of presumption to explain to a questioner that they don't really want the answer to the question they have asked.

    It is really simple. The (lets say 4) people you love are going to lose you for the foreseeable future. What you know best (or well) that you can do for them is to make the least able family member productive. The market is the only way you know to employ his abilities (assume he has what it takes).
    How would you set him up and what would YOU focus him on.

    Freedom of speech makes it much easier to spot the idiots.

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  3. Freedom of speech makes it much easier to spot the idiots.

    And humble with it. Makes the heart glad. :D

    I'm curious to know why you think that anyone would want to share their hard won knowledge with you. If you are dumbfounded by this statement then you might want to reread your posts. If still dumbfounded please either:

    - take some honest advice and run, don't walk, away from the markets; or
    - please get into the HSI futures so that I might benefit from your learning experience.

    You really are a lot of fun. I haven't seen anyone generate this amount of hostility from generally helpful people in ages (you're not also known as Coinz by any chance?)

    Please keep it up though.
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  4. mitch77


    Never heard of coinz.
    Never been to this forum under any other user name, nor do I know anyone who uses it.

    "why you think that anyone would want to share their hard won knowledge"
    "generally helpful people"

    Sure I completely understand that someone might want to keep his knowledge to himself.So why not act like an adult and ignore the post.

    But your point is somewhat confused by your contradictory statements.

    If all these guys are so helpfully what is it that they are helpfully at?

    Lets be honest here.
    YOU go read all the posts again.
    If you are honest you will see that one guy was trying to be helpful. He did not seem to see any need to spin off into insults or excuses. He took 30 seconds to answer the simple question.

    So it is an immutable fact it can be done.
    Debate from this point on that issue is absurd.

    So answer me this:
    If he can do it with so little effort, why can't the rest of you?
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  5. LMAO :D

    I guess you didn't reread your own posts if you don't see why people are having fun at your expense.

    I assume that my invitation to be specific wasn't the post you felt was helpful. Was it the always urbane and helpful martys?

    Perhaps it was Blackmonday, who in fact offered you a complete answer. In that case I guess you have the answer you need. Go for it. Come back sometime and tell us how it works out.

    Otherwise please feel free to take either of the answers I offered you and do something useful with them. Your wife's shoes might help with one of them.

    Or do you want a different answer from everyone ... so you can decide, in your apparent ignorance, which one is best?

    Please, please, try the HSI. You'll love it.
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  6. mitch77


    ....convinced that they don't require reading comprehension in 'kiwi' schools.

    I as much as specifically said I would not
    try and make the kid a surgeon in my earlier use of the metaphor.
    Man how could you miss that?

    And for the umpteenth time:
    YOU pick the equipment...geez.

    Wrongo there Captain Vapid; "The nicest and most helpful people" are those that actually help. (No wonder you are such a pain. (I mean if this is your concept of how nice/helpful people treat each other...well it's just sad that's all !)

    And there is no "complete answer".
    There is only each persons individual plan or sugg.

    Since I have spent years as an instructor of Logic, Reasoning, and Rhetorical Analysis, you will have to excuse me if I don't fold up when presented with loads of blather.
    I am entertained by the fallacies, contradictions, and plain old lame ass excuses. And I will keep plugging away because there will be others that read the word of the obfuscaters and pseudo-intellects and see through them.
    And generally these are the people that are really worth listening to.

    Oh just be honest, any 10 year old could read the last few posts and see the truth:
    You are not getting bored you got blocked into a corner and don't have the integrity to admit it and answer the question that was so easy for Black Monday to handle.

    We have a saying here:
    "All hat and no cowboy".
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  7. Baron should just have a forum called "Stupid Threads", and moderators can re-locate threads that fit the description.

    I vote this be the inaugral thread.
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  8. mitch77


    We already know you don't have the brains or guts to answer as Black Monday did.

    Go back to your green and red lights.
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  9. I second that. This can be the first one in "Stupid Threads."

    This guy's the real thing - and an english teacher. His warm humble personality just inspires the creation of a new category.
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