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    I read reviews on a bunch of diff trading software.
    It is clear the QT is right at the top.
    It is also clear that most of the people that really make this
    work are using more than just QT (or any single one of the others).
    And there are subscriptions to various services.
    What companies do you recommend to trade through?
    Do you use a 2nd software package ? (TS2000-Wizetrade-ETC)

    I want to get everything that will help me get the big picture and study it all together for a few months rather than piece by piece.

    Here is my questions premise: You have 6 months till aliens take you away ;-}
    And you have a permanently homebound child that MUST help support the family.
    What would you buy for him so he could trade successfully from home?
    Harware, software, books, etc?

    Please don't rant on someone elses choices.
    Disagree if you want but only if
    you have actually bought and used the other guys stuff.

  2. You need to give some information about what you want to trade and what timeframe you are planning to use. Perhaps even how you plan to make money.

    Futures, Options, Forex, Stocks, EOD, EOW, 5 min, 5 tick, system trading, trend following, fading with options, personal brilliance, etc etc etc.

    Otherwise, with no narrowing of scope, the answer is probably: read all the material on the site and ask again when you have a question that someone can usefully answer for you.
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    I think you missed the point.
    Remember, YOU are leaving.
    Your family is going to depend on YOUR choice.
    You specify what and how your child will do this.
    Every detail is up to you.
  4. I don't think its me that missed the point. But if you think so then thats fine because its your question.

    I'll be interested to see what sort of answers the question achieves. Good luck.
  5. traderob


    What Is QT?
  6. Wizetrade is all you need - just do a search and read the rave reviews and stories of people making $$$$$!!!!!


    By the way - the reason you are not getting responses is because you have obviously not spent any time doing a search and learning a little before asking - as witnessed by the quote above.

    And, what is QT?
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    QuoteTracker, I think
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    Oh yeah Quotetracker, top of the range software. (LOL)
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    Prolly Quote Tracker. Just looked in the review section, there are some things I've never seen before.
    The mkts are probably the broadest brushstroke of human activity there is since in one form or another they represent all of it. The mkts are a game of information ,hence your question is unanswerable in it's present form. There is no way to compress all the modules forming the synergy into the tight little package you're asking for. If the child is wheel chair bound and can't leave the house all the info is available with a credit card, computer, tv, radio , etc. and of course a brain to assimilate. 6 mo's isn't going to do it. In fact the entire postulate is absurd, like thinking you can start from scratch and be on the pro golf or tennis circuit in 6 mo's.
    The markets are a mechanism of wealth transference, people who are trying to transfer other peoples wealth to themselves and yet not have any of their own transfered away to others. As you can imagine there is a bit of emotion involved.
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    And I thought I started Dumb Threads. This one sure takes a lot of pressure off me.
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